Jackson Fields

Jackson is an international marathon runner and scuba diver. He balances his running with extensive programming with a particular interest in game development and graphics.

Learn more about Jackson by visiting his website.

Nate Thorn

Nate is Wasabi Studio's fearless leader. Due to unknown circumstances, he lives his life without any color saturation leaving his entire body a gray hue.

Mark Troutt

Mark spends most of his time pointing at statues.


Ethan Lawrence

Ethan is forever followed by a large mushroom - he's not quite sure how to react to it, but keeps it around for good measure.

Special Guests

Eric Walston

Eric, the star programmer from Viva La Mayhem, feels the need to smile at all occasions and is rarely spotted away from his very plain background.

Morgan Quirk

Morgan likes to work with both art and code whenever he's not focused on travelling through time searching for pigs.

Ryan Chadwick

Ryan worked extensively on the interface art for Mobuis and was hard at work making buttons that Jackson would later fail to include...