Nobody pays much attention to the “little people” down in Guttersnipe. The bourgeois fly about in their fancy cars high above the clouds, oblivious to the atrocious acts—the genocide, even—that their politicians are wreaking upon the paupers living in slums beneath their great cities. The police don’t even need a reason any more to have them arrested, never to be seen again.

But their rule is coming to an end. Even now, loose resistance groups are forming, meeting quietly in the murky shadows of Guttersnipe. Mafia bosses and gang leaders are beginning to find common ground and pooling their resources to overthrow the institution. They steal power from the wealthy and are uniting the downtrodden with promises that a change is coming. The dark alleys whisper of a time yet to come where the people no longer need to live in fear.

Unfortunately, the institution has heard these whispers and has begun to tighten its iron fist on the population of Guttersnipe. Deadly and feared Tactical Human Resistance Elimination And Tranquilization (T.H.R.E.A.T.) Drones have begun to regularly descend upon innocent crowds, firing mercilessly and without provocation. Their goal: to seek out and eliminate anyone associated (or thought to be associated) with the resistance.

Mafia dons have been setting up safe houses in bunkers deep underground for anyone looking for protection from the T.H.R.E.A.T Drones, but there’s a catch: The safe houses are reached via a high-energy teleportation mechanism, and their power supplies are severely limited. After enough people have used the device, it shuts down—leaving anyone outside helpless against the T.H.R.E.A.T. Drones. Whenever the Drones appear, citizens who know the location of one of the teleportation devices are forced to race against one another to safety!